5 Best cars to chauffeured in

Looking to book a car service for a chauffeur driven service and doubtful about the best car to be Chauffeured in? The car that is used to transport you for your journey plays an important role in you having just a ride or being a 5 star service experience. Today we discuss and discover few luxury cars that in my opinion are the best cars to be chauffeured in.

Mercedes Benz E Class

When it comes to combining luxury, comfort and style with elegance and impressive technology, Mercedes Benz does it better than any other car manufacturer. If you’re looking for a luxury back seat passenger experience, Mercedes Benz E Class is a great choice. Need the car to travel for work or holiday the Mercedes Benz E Class is perfect for 2 passengers with enough leg room and boot space for luggage. This car offers incredible list of luxurious comfort amenities and is in list of our best cars to be chauffeured in. 

Audi A8

Looking to travel in top of the line European Premium Sedan? Audi A8 offers a full package of quality interior design with unlimited technology. The A8L is designed to provide abundance of leg room in the back and leather upholstery. Perfect for 3 passengers the features in the Audi A8L will take your experience beyond your imagination. The Audi A8 is the premium Chauffeur driven car that provides you with a VIP experience. The seating is very comfortable and the interior ambience is smooth for a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere while enroute. Perfect for Airport transfers and weddings the Audi A8L is on top of our list of the best cars.

Audi Q7

Looking for a bigger Chauffeur car to travel with family? Audi has the answer with its large and luxurious Audi Q7. Eye-catchingly elegant designs, next-level technology & luxurious leather interior makes it a prime choice SUV suitable for 4 passengers and large amount of luggage. Audi Q7 is the leader in the large SUV segment providing superior quality ride experience. Audi Q7 is certainly in the list of the best chauffeur cars if you are looking for an SUV. 

Mercedes Benz V Class People Mover 

You probably wouldn’t think that moving people in comfort and style would be the job of a courier van. But that’s essentially what the Mercedes-Benz V-Class is. It features electric doors on both sides and the dashboard similar to the Mercedes Benz S Class feels like a pimped up mail van. Sleek exterior design, ultimate luxury features and the seating style in the Mercedes Benz V Class People Mover V250 is the perfect choice for small to medium group transfers. With semi recline seats and seating capacity of 7 and option of having the seats facing forward or in a couch style seating pattern gives you the flexibility to choose the perfect seating arrangement. Mercedes Benz V250 is the best car for group transfers, hence features in our best cars to be Chauffeured in category. 

Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Executive Van comes with a seating capacity of 8 to 16 passengers options. Luxury executive leather seats, attachable desks, video screens, and a variety of customised luxury options makes the Sprinter the first choice van for large group transfers. Mercedes Benz is the leader in making People Movers and understand customer satisfaction needs. The Sprinter Executive Van has no match with the amount of luxurious options it comes with and makes it feature in our list of the best cars to be chauffeured in Australia.

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