Best SUV for Chauffeur

When you think of chauffeur cars or best car to be chauffeured in, what comes in your mind is Audi A8, BMW 7 series, Mercedes S class and E class. Today we find our best SUV chariots for chauffeur in Australia. Which you dreamed to chauffeured in.

Ever since in chauffeur industry, you would have seen many town cars. However, In Australia the demand of European is all time high.

Audi Q7 – The Chauffeurs SUV

Audi Q7 has a privilege of being large and luxury SUV ever since. With its eye-catching and elegant design and luxurious leather interior makes it prime choice SUV suitable for up to 7 passengers max.

Mercedes Benz GLS – Mercedes SUV

As the S-class of Benz’s SUVs, the Mercedes GLS-class successfully delivers an undeniably upscale experience. This large three-row SUV has room for the whole family and pampers everyone with its tech-rich cabin, comfortable ride, and fancy interior materials. 

Depending upon the model you go with, in the top range you have with massaging seats, a wireless smartphone charging pad, a tablet controller for the GLS’s infotainment system, plusher headrests, and side-impact airbags.

BMW X5 – Mid-Size SUV

The BMW X5 is a mid-size luxury-SUV versatile, with a well-appointed interior and a pleasurable driving experience. Even the entry-level models are richly outfitted with modern technology and convenience features and a silky-smooth inline-six cylinder engine. 

When compared to SUVs such as Audi Q7 and the Mercedes-Benz GLE-class the X5’s may not be as plush inside but the well-roundedness shines through.

This 7 Seater Chauffeur SUV with generous interior space is for adults in both the first and second row, but the X5’s optional third row is for kids only. 

With the rear seats in use, you can fit 8 -10 carry-on suitcases. With the rear seats folded the BMW X5 SUV have a room for 16 carry-on cases. 

Lexus RX 350

The Lexus RX isn’t the flashiest or most fun-to-drive vehicle in the class, but it is a good SUV. Most of its positives are hallmarks of other good Lexus vehicles: Great predicted reliability and safety scores, outstanding overall quality, and a long list of standard and optional infotainment features and active safety tech.

RX350 is a convincing luxury vehicle in many other ways—particularly the interior but fuel efficiency is where the RX350 shines.

Which is best SUV? – Q7, GLS, X5 or Rh350

As a chauffeur driven service to provide, it really depends on your budget and requirement. However, if you ask me, I recommend Audi that has the superiority due to its high demand. It’s cost-efficient and offers similar performance to #2 Mercedes GLS and better handling, plus it has plenty of hi-tech kit. It costs significantly less to book with, you can splash out on options and still undercut the Mercedes GLC on price.

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